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Enhance the look of eyelashes

Every woman wishes to have a beautiful and appealing eyelash. Many women opt only for eye makeup than others. Because it is the most attractive feature and it helps to enhance the overall look. If you are thinking on how to make lash extensions look more natural,

Ways to Keep Your Nails Stronger After a Gel Manicure

Nail polish lovers have a love-hate relationship with manicures, especially with gels. They like the shiny and long-lasting colors or gel manicure, but hate how it ruined their nails by becoming dry and brittle after it removed. When gel manicures and shellac trends arrived in the world

Benefits of Having A Regular Mani-Pedi

Do you consider manicures and pedicures as only an infrequent method for spoiling yourself? Ordinary manicures and pedicures really give incredible advantages to your general well being and prosperity, particularly in Maryland’s cold and brutal winters. They likewise help keep hands looking youthful. A decent nail trim

The benefits of lip balm

You should choose a lip balm with protection against UVA rays, because the skin of the lips is very sensitive and has almost no melanin. The dry lips are very uncomfortable and do not look good at all. They are also painful and make wearing a lipstick