Feel nostalgic from hearing music in the radio, but now with a different twist

We are now in the time where everything is available to one device – cellular phone. Camera, music player, calculator, flashlight, radio, alarm clock, stopwatch, video player, and few other things all gathered into one. Notice that there’s one item you haven’t even bother in opening. What is it? Have you noticed it already? Yeah, that’s right. Radio. When was the last time you’ve seen a radio? Is it still available in your home? If it does, when did you last heard from it? Way back, it is one of the most important appliance a home must have there is.  It is usually played on early in the morning to hear news about yesterday’s happenings in your town, or the just-in events. Or have it played in the afternoon to listen songs and wait for hours for that one particular song we’ve always wanted to hear.And once you do, it’s the happiest part of the day. Or in the evening where we can hear sent love stories to be read by disc-jockeys with mellow songs in the background that make us fall asleep.

Free Internet Radio

Feel nostalgic yet? Want to grab that dusty radio in your basement thinking it might still work? Do not worry. There’s a radio station available in the internet. Same as yesterday, it’s free! Get back the thrill you experienced back then. No YouTube, SoundCloud or Spotify. Just listen to those random songs that will be played in the internet radio streaming live right now. But of course, we can hear all radio stations transmitted to internet from a thousand miles apart. What’s special of free internet radio is that you can hear multitude of various stations and genres less commonly heard from a local radio stations. It is surprisingly fun!It also comes with AM/FM option. You can choose from a varieties of genre available to satisfy your taste in music. Or hear news about the events, and once again hear a disc-jockey talk about love problems and grasp about her advice and solutions. Or perhaps, listen to the sports news, we all know how convenient it is to listen than read sports article.

Just a little trivia for you! If you didn’t know, internet radio has been available since early 1990’s that after a decade, they collected a revenue from online streaming internet radio of $49M dollars.

Now head on! Do not wait for Thursdays to bring back all your sweet childhood memories and indulge yourself into the pleasure of internet radio.