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Hair growth has been gaining huge importance because everyone irrespective of age and gender want to look good and like to be admired by others. Therefore, hair loss should not be an impeding factor for the people who deserve to be attractive. Focusing and taking care of our physical appearance not only makes us feel good but also shows our confidence which is now a key factor specifically for the working people. So, there are some best hair growth products for the nature of your hair.

In order to find the suitable product for your hair, you must first find out the reason for your hair loss. Despite pollution, age and lack of proper food, there are many other reasons for hair loss like stress, environment in which you live, ailments like thyroid, genetic problems, excess use of hair products which include lot of chemicals, usage of dryers excessively, coloring your hair regularly. Other causes which are related to hair loss specifically for women are pregnancy and menopause.

Hair growth occurs in three stages. Hair loss problems due to hereditary which is called “alopecia”, is seen mostly in women specifically above 50 years of age. The main cause for alopecia is due to the hormonal imbalances that occur at this phase, from 50 years in women. Testosteronehormone which is responsible for hair growth starts converting into DHT(Dihydrotestosterone). This DHT sticks to follicles of hair and prevents further hair growth.

List of best hair growth products:

According to experts, the best hair growth products are:

  • Ketoconazole is shown to reduce the dandruff problem which prevents hair growth. It also minimizes the process of conversion of testosterone to DTH which slows down prevention of hair growth.
  • Vitamin intakes like Ultra Labs Hair Rush, Viviscal Extra Strength and Biotin can be used for hair growth. Hair Rush has a component called keratin which helps in thickening of hair and hair growth. It also contains other vitamins which help in circulating blood to scalp. Viviscal prevents hair thinning and gives strength to hair from its roots.
  • There are also devices that can help you with the problem of hair growth. iRestore is one such device which helps in hair growth through laser technology.
  • Shampoos that work best for hair growth areUltrax Labs Hair Surge, Art Naturals Organic Argon Oil and Nizoral A-D.
  • Conditioners like Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye and Organic Rapid Growth Conditioner can be used.
  • Treatments like KerastiseInitialiste and Women’s Rogaine Treatment can also be opted for.
  • Hair growth moisturizers like Pravana Nevo Intense Therapy and Loma Moisturising Treatment can also be used.

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