The Beginners Guide In On How To Win With PUBG

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular online multiplayer battle royale games. This was developed and published by the PUBG corporation which is closely associated with Bluehole. This was designed by Brendan Greene based on his experience from other online games and was inspired by the 2000 film, Battle Royale. Since its inception in March 2017, this game has gained over 1.5 million players and it shows no signs of stopping.

How PUBB Works – A Guide For Beginners

Once you login and start the game, the players of a maximum of 100 will be transported to a battlefield. This is an 8×8 km area and you will land by a parachute. Each of the players will need to jump when they have selected the perfect spot for them to land onto. But on every game, the plane will use different routes.

The PUBG Battlefield – How The Game Starts 

The Battle Field is on an island and as soon as you land, you need to start to look for weapons and equipments that are just usually lying around the area. It can be in the buildings and in other places. You can also find different gears and weapons to help you fight with other players. There will be plenty of weapons scattered all over the map. Remember that the riskier the place is, the better weapons you will find there.

The PUBG Rules – Stay Alive To Win!

The game rule is, whoever kills another player is the winner. Once injured, you need to patch up to avoid dying and get killed by other players easily. Once a player kills another player, he gets to loot his gears. As the time goes, the map gets smaller. You need to run to the “safe zone” in order to keep your character alive. In the end, the safe zone will be too small for anyone to hide and the last man standing gets to win a chicken meal and some BP coins.

The PUBG Hacking Tool

PUBG Hacks Free offers one of the most reliable hacking tools that you can definitely use to have a better experience with the game. You might wonder where other players get the coolest gears and why they are able to change their characters’ appearance. These are possible when you have lots of PUBG BP coins. You can use the coins to change the physical appearance and the gears of your character. This may not affect your game but it can definitely impress other players.