Moisture and the stale smell that it brings with it has always been a matter of concern. But with towel radiators, you can always find your towels dry and toasty. If you are thinking that your bathroom is small enough to accommodate a radiator, then we have the perfect radiators to fit your needs. Small 200mm wide towel radiators are available that can be comfortably fixed in your bathrooms and cloakrooms. Having a small bathroom space in no way can deprive you of the comfort. These are small yet highly efficient towel radiators that will keep your towels dry and lightly warm up your bathroom when you step into shower. Bathrooms require additional heating to fight moisture, development of mold and unpleasant odor. The warmth of your shower space definitely adds to your comfort and you feel refreshed.

5 years warranty is offered with every purchase of these 200 mm wide towel radiators made of chrome. The reason why it is an attractive product is that-

  • It is small yet powerful.
  • It is compact and do not need much space.
  • The effect can be felt at once.
  • Made of chrome and hence is able to match any bathroom.

Advantages of Having a Towel Radiator:

  • Your towels will no more smell of stale moisture. They are always dry.
  • With the help of multiple heating rails fixed at different heights, many towels can be dried together.
  • Stepping into a warm bathroom in the winter chill and wearing a warm bathroom gown feels great and comfortable.
  • Choosing a product that works with electricity, will help you use it everywhere outside your bathroom. For example, it can be used in kitchen to dry kitchen towels or to quickly dry the coats in hall.
  • If you prefer an item that can be powered by both central heating and electricity, your source for additional warmth and dryness in bathrooms is guaranteed regardless of seasons.

The 200mm Wide Towel Radiator Chrome with differentheights are also available that can be chosen according to your needs and space available. One can select the item by going through the features that best fits the needs. Towel radiators are undoubtedly worth a purchase as it makes your life a little more comfortable. We are offering a wide range of quality radiators at affordable prices to choose from. Make your bathrooms a comfortable and freshspace by gettingyourselves one now!