How to Spot a Fake from a Genuine Watch

A watch is a precious wrist adornment. This is why both men and women are serious about searching for the perfect, stylish and adorable watch that matches to their taste and personality.

As more buyers hurriedly search for the best and perfect watches out there, some bad people take advantage of their hard work and cash by providing fake and imitation items. This is the more reason to be careful. Having the right cash is not just enough. At least, you’ll need to develop a skill that will help you spot the fake from the real one.

Apparently, it’s not only enough to have ideas – you’ll also need to learn some tips and tricks that will come in handy.

Listen for ticking sounds.

This is one indication whether a watch is a fake or a genuine one. A high quality and real watch are built with thousands of small, expertly crafted moving parts that will not move at all. To test if there are sounds or not, hold the body against the ear and listen closely.

Look for mistakes.

Designers, especially the renowned ones are very strict in terms of quality standards. This is why they’ll make sure that their trademarks are seen. Therefore, there would be no misspelled words, scratches or any even a peeling paint and damage that are an obvious indication of a fake item. Also, try to visit trustworthy shops to get the best deals and products.

Quality matters.

Genuine designer watches are made by competent watchmakers. The watchmakers use special tools and instrument to develop good, legible and easy to read the lettering on the watches. That aside makes sure to feel the weight of the timepiece. Most of the original and genuine watches are heavier since they contain precious metals.  Compare the weight before you purchase. That way, you’ll be able to find the right one.

Research pays.

The Internet holds a vast amount of useful, accurate and up-to-date information which will supply you with information. With the right keywords, you’ll likely stumble on pages that can help you familiarize the brands, details of straps and other specifications available in a watch. If you know what you look and what exactly that you want the most, chances are it’s easier to figure out what works and what will fail your expectation.

Alternatively, besides Google, read some Watch recommendations by this user. There are previous buyers who can vouch for the efficiency of a shop. Take initiative to read every recommendation and review before you make the final commitment.