Windows Autologon

Autologon as a free and possible solution

There are some instances that you might forget your things on the market. You feel so frustrated, especially if there is a big price on it. Or maybe the most important thing in your life. The fact is that you are able to conquer it in different ways. Such as taking medicines to lessen and for prevention. Just like also in entering your information in different social media platforms.  You forget the information in the most important part to enter. There is always a possible and free solution with regards to this problem.

How does autologon become free and possible solution of any Microsoft windows login?

The autologon has different features that are provided for convenience to the people. But,  this feature may be some sort of risky situation. If you set a computer for autologon, anyone who can physically obtain access to the computer. Not only that but they can also gain access to all the computer’s contents. These includes any networks that are connected to. Furthermore, when autologon is turned on it will be automatically show. The password is stored already in the registry of a plain text. Thus, the particular registry key that stores this value. This can be remotely read by the Authenticated Users group. According to a site this setting is recommended only for cases.  Wherein the computer is physically secured. Hence, steps have been taken to make sure that entrusted users cannot access the registry.

Windows Autologon Important things to remember in setting up your own device in the future

The process of setting this process is too risky for those who will try it for the first time. Along with the process you just need to complete the auto admin login or also known as autologon. As a user, you will start the set up just pressing and hold the shift key. After you log out or after the windows restart for your protection to your system. The registry that you have started in setting up will reflect the to the system of the computer. However, if the first attempt does not work to what it supposed to be.  The value of the login banner that was set up is defined on the server either by a group policy object.

When this policy changed, it will automatically affect the computer system. Also, the different features of windows autologon, as what is expected. That’s why in every aspect of editing or configuring data of the system really need to focus. You need to memorize every detail just to ensure.


In setting up in a different kind of Microsoft Windows, a user might be in detailed oriented. So that there will be no changes in the system, but only the process of autologon.