Ways to Keep Your Nails Stronger After a Gel Manicure

Nail polish lovers have a love-hate relationship with manicures, especially with gels. They like the shiny and long-lasting colors or gel manicure, but hate how it ruined their nails by becoming dry and brittle after it removed.

When gel manicures and shellac trends arrived in the world of nail fashion, they changed the traditional manicures and pedicures on the new level. Geles constructors make it simple for nail lovers to avoid their nails from getting chipped. The thick coat of the manicure keeps the nails from breaking, which allows your nails to grow faster. But on the downside, these gel manicures can make your fingernails brittle, especially if the gels removed incorrectly.


Also, most of the dermatologist doesn’t support the use of UV lights to harden the gel polishes. However, no research available today proved that long exposure from UV light can harm a person’s overall health with gel manicures.

After treating your nails with an elegant looking gel manicures, this article compiled a list of the most popular yet common gel issues and of course, with a solution at the same time.

White Spots on Your Natural Nail and Nails Plates are Not Even

Post-gel manicure damage is usually caused by the wrong and frequent removal process. Using the wrong manicure tool and methods can make your nail tips with microtrauma. To avoid your nail tips from getting a microtrauma, follow the below instruction:

  • Break the seal of the gel manicures with a nail file before you apply a cotton ball soaked in acetone
  • Place the acetone ball to your fingernails
  • Make sure to secure the acetone ball in place with foil
  • After 10 minutes or more, the gel manicures should flake off with the use of a nail file
  • Do not use a metal cuticle pusher when removing the gel

Soaking your nails from the acetone will soften the nail plate and scraping can push your nail cells to create white spots. Usually, it takes three to six months for your fingernails to grow to erase these white spots. That’s why it is important to give your fingernails a break from the gel manicure to help your nail plates to recover. You may use a base coat that has a gelatin matrix to help your nails from becoming smooth and strong after removing the gel manicures.

Finger Nails Breaks After the Gel Comes Off

Your nails become used to protective coating gel that keeps your fingernails from breaking, so your everyday chores can ruin the nails. If your fingernails are breaking from every tap and touch, you should trim them down to a short yet manageable length.

Finger Nails are Peeling Away 

Generally speaking, nails are coming from dead skin and a protein called keratin. Yes, the same things that make the hair grow beautifully. Just like the hair, it becomes dry and brittle with too much color or styling. Because of this, the nails also lose its natural moisture quicker compared to the other parts of the body. To avoid this from happening, make sure to moisturize your hands at night by wearing cotton gloves.