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Factors to Consider When Choosing DAB Radio

If you are an avid listener, you already know that the advancement of radio technology combined Internet and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). As a result, it expanded the people’s choices when it comes to listening to music and speech stations.

Upgrading your old analog radio to a new digital radio can be a challenge but if you know what factors to consider, you can find the digital radio that best suit your needs. Here are the factors to consider when choosing DAB radio:

The first thing that you need to consider is the coverage of DAB. It is vital to know whether your area is covered by DAB services. Most countries in Asia, Australia, and Europe have regular DAB services but you should not expect full coverage. The coverage will be spotty in rural areas.

Best Radios

If you can pick up DAB radio stations, the next thing to consider is the level of audio output you need. There are small DAB sets with outputs measuring fractions of a watt while there are larger sets with higher total outputs. Keep in mind that output can affect how loud the DAB radio will get before it will distort the quality of audio.

The selling point of DAB radios is its display. All DAB radios display information related to the station and the music being played. Since not all DAB radios are created equal, you should expect that the displays vary. The display will vary in color, clarity, and size. It is crucial that you determine what display type you prefer before buying.

The next thing to consider is the portability of the DAB radio. Do you think about carrying it with you or you simply want to put it in a room until it stops working? If you want to carry it with you all the time, portability is an issue. You need to check how many batteries it takes and how long it will power the radio for.

FM (Frequency Modulation)
You must be aware that DAB is not totally immune to reception issues. This will, of course, depend on location and weather conditions. Instances like these, you need a backup – FM. You should buy DAB radio, which can also act as an FM tuner.

Extras refer to other features that you deem important. This will include recording capabilities, pause/rewind functions, alarm and snooze function, headphone socket, connectivity, and many more. The cost will vary depending on the chosen extra. With this, it is crucial that you make sure what the radio you are buying is capable of.

It is crucial that you check the latest radio reviews here before you finally make a decision. The reviews will give you an overall picture of what the radio is to other users. At the end of the day, you can base your decisions from here.

These are just basic things to consider before you head to the digital radio store. These things will give you a jumpstart when it is time to face the salesman. Through this, you will not be persuaded to buy something that you will not be happy.