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What movie do we see today? Tips and applications to choose easily

You probably know the sensation: you want to see a movie but you do not finish exactly the genre that you want or the specific movie you want to see. It is, in fact, a normal psychological response that occurs when we have a lot of offer in front (as with Netflix). So you can fix it.

A list of pending movies

A good way to have a good selection of films ready and prepared for when we really have time to see them is to write them down as we see them, they come to mind or they recommend them to us.

There are several services and applications dedicated to it, from a classic task list that can be created with services.

Set a time

It seems difficult, but in reality, it is quite simple to spend almost as much time choosing a movie that really seeing it. Depending on which cases may be worthwhile but the reality is that it is a situation that usually comes as a consequence, once again, of having too much demand. The best: choose the genre of the film (comedy, action), search the list already mentioned or using a recommendation engine (below), select 4 or 5, set a specific time on primewire unblocked and choose when it’s over. 10 minutes, for example.

At the end of those 10 minutes, the psychological sensation will be similar to ” Ah, maybe a few more minutes” but the reality is that being able to choose between 4 or 5 the results are better than spending 45 searching’s  and choosing between 10 or 12. Calm.

Uses movie recommendation engines

In any case, the best way to discover both unexpected gems and movies that exactly match what we were looking for is to use a recommendation engine. The Internet is full of them, whether in the form of mobile applications, websites or search engines. Here are my favorites, each one for a specific situation:

primewire movies

Suggest movie

Probably the most complete, it also takes its IMDb base so it is not limited to the variable catalog of a few services, as it is with Hulu, Netflix or iTunes. Allows filtering by film, series, documentary, genre, and note.

Taste kid :

Ideal when you want to see a movie that looks like another. Enter the title of the latter and automatically get similar movies as a recommendation. Simple and easy.

A Good Movie to Watch:

The great thing about AGM is that it shuns blockbusters, popcorn films, and questionable box office hits to focus on films that are perhaps not as well known but have the support of critics and audiences. Small jewels are usually found.