Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price- A Securely Designed Digital Asset

Seeker of worldwide attention in 2017, this new crypto currency came into existence long ago in the year of 2009. Consider bitcoin as an electronic system of cash transfer amongst the peers and is transferred between the sender and the receiver directly through an international network of decentralized digital system. The transfer has no reason for the involvement of a middle man and it holds the highest value amongst all the numerous crypto currencies existing worldwide.

new crypto currency

Special characteristics

  • The network of bitcoin is controlled by none; it is decentralized and distributed through an open network of computers spread across the world.
  • Completely different from the local unlimited currency, bitcoin can only be created upto a total of 21 million all over.
  • An opportunity for the smallest micro transactions is opened up by the Santoshi, the smallest unit of bitcoin. The value of 1 Santoshi equals to 0.00000001 bitcoin price.

The bitcoin is worthy and efficiently used in betting, bitcoin gambling and video games which are played online. Some of these online games are video poker, virtual soccer, Lara croft: temples and tombs, Hansel and greter witch hunters, professional oasis poker series, legends of Cleopatra, robin of Sherwood, grand pix gold and many more.

The bitcoin is more than just a currency; consider it as one of the most secured electronic system of payments through a digital network. Credited as the first of the world’s very own form of crypto currency, it is also the best definition of the existence of any digitalized currency as well.