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YouTube Channels That Will Make You a Better Cook

Sometimes, no matter how often we go through the process of marinating meat and putting it on the flames, it just never tastes as good as they make it in fancy restaurants. This can be a result of two things; it’s a little overcooked, or there is too much seasoning. Our ambitions of becoming self-taught chefs have always gone in vain, as we don’t put in the needed amount of hours experimenting and practicing. How can you become a good chef without spending time in the kitchen, burning your fingers on hot plates and sweating profusely in a stressful environment like in culinary schools?

Watching has always been a great teacher. YouTube has millions of videos that can take you through the phases of cooking meat like a professional chef. So, what should you do?Order meat, get some sharp, clean knives out and light a fire while we share some of the best channels to learn the life-old craft of making a piece of meat taste like heaven.

1. Almazan Kitchen

This channel can teach you about the simplistic art of making food from the most basic of ingredients. Often set out in a make-shift kitchen in the middle of nowhere, the cook has never said more than a few words as he lets the preparation and cooking do all the talking. From roasting chicken in the wild andstill managing to keep it juicy to making the most mouth-watering sandwiches with not more than five easy to find ingredients, this channel will have you making food that looks and tastes amazing in no time.

2. Aden Films

A Japanese YouTube channel with interesting fish and seafood cooking lessons that will have your guests nodding and licking their lips after you cook up a new, exciting dish for them. You can also learn about making full meals, whole pork preparation and cooking for large gatherings. Discover how careful the Japanese are when the time comes to order meat, and even more so when it comes to preparing it.

3. Mark Wiens

Cooking food that’s popular in your country is great, but if that’s the only thing you know, it can become a bit predictable. The home cooked food that your parents used to make was perfect for when the world was smaller, but with the advent of the internet, times are changing, and the world isn’t that small anymore. Mark Wiens travels to popular food destinations around the world, trying different food from different cultures and learning how it’s prepared. Popular food destinations include all the places where people take the time to lovingly prepare food because they know how important it is as a bonding experience – and that’s just about everywhere. From Ghana in Africa to Islamabad in Pakistan.

Vlees bestellen

These few YouTube channels can teach you about fresh perspectives and methods that you can use to prepare your meals. The next time you Vlees bestellen, find out how they prepare it in Japan, add a little touch of African herbsand top it off with some Indian spice for a better international experience. If you know of any other channels that we didn’t mention or if you’re running your own, then share them with us in the comments section.