free gems on episode

Episode Hack: A way to get Gems and Passes

The episode, Choose Your Story is a free game created by Episode Interactive, the sizes of the story usually vary on the device a player has. It is one of the best game that is categorized to role-playing.  The game is available in the Android or IOS platform, that every player can download free of any cost. The episode game can easily access by the people using a mobile phone, PC, computer or even tablet. Games of Episode usually contains different types of interesting and classic stories. These include adventure, love, romance, love, horror and many more that everyone can enjoy.

Must know Features of Episode: Choose Your Story Game

The game also provides various modern features for there players. These modern and great features created the game to become more interesting, unique and realistic as well.

  1. It has a wide range of New and classic stories to play without getting bored. One of the reasons why a lot of people enjoy this game is because of the huge stories available. This episode hack gives every player the freedom to choose and to explore other types of stories.
  2. Various types of characters to choose from. Playing this game is not that easy, a player needs to decide for the path of the story. Gems and Passes will be the instrument in order to have some progress in the game. The important task in the game includes choosing characters for the gems on episode
  3. Different types of in-game currency present in it. Both gems and passes are the currency that is presented in the game. Gems are for the player to enhance or improve their status in the game. On the other hand, passes is for the players to enjoy new chapters and to unlocked new stories.
  4. There is a story writing option in which users can write their stories. It is a great opportunity for every player to write and published a story. It can be a reason to have a lot of Gems and Passes.
  5. Various types of new and classic events and challenges present in it. The episode is not a boring game to play as it can give the same thrill just like other games online.


Episode hacks will work with the help of different features of the game. To have gems and passes is a starting pack for the episodes hack. Both of this can be a way to work episodes hack, gems will be the one to use in buying characters and other items in the game. Passes will be a great help to enter new stories.