Best Links For Raft Wars 3

How To Get The Best Links For Raft Wars 3

Raft Wars is one of the action and shooting games for kids that is also loved by the adults. Being one of the hottest online game, it can be found in a lot of websites. However, you need to know the one mother website where you can get almost all other sources of the same game. Different versions of the game have its own dedicated websites for authentic information. For example, you must log on to for the latest information and other online websites for Raft Wars 3.

Like every online game, Raft wars has its own storyline. It is a survival story. Simon and his brother defend all their treasure by defeating the waves of enemies. The players must take to their side to grab the tennis ball launcher and defend the raft by constant knocking enemies out of the raft. The more you reach to the next level the more it becomes difficult, challenging as well as fascinating. The Raft wars bring you more fun and a reason to spend your leisure.

game raft wars 3

Let’s see, the theme of the game raft wars 3.

The storyline will be cleared by the cut scenes that appear at the beginning of the game that tells you what has happened before and what should be your role (as a player) further. The story goes this way-

One day, on the beach, a little boy Simon and his ender brother find some diamond that is a part of a secret treasure. Somehow, those pirates come to know about Simon and diamonds, and they want them to get away from him. Now, the game begins here. You as a player, have to defend the little Simon from the pirated. You will be provided with some weapons like a tennis ball, grenades, and rockets that help you defeat the pirates. Also, Simon’s elder brother will help you to save the treasure. Some other characters are there in the game like a dog that appears in the first upgrade; a black baby which appears in the second upgrade and he will help defend the treasure. Pirates are the main villain of the game. They constantly want to steal the treasure. They have cannonballs as weapons. Vikings are another group of enemies who want to snatch the treasure from Simon. From level 1 to level 8 there are 4 Viking s in the game. Another group of thugs are behind the diamonds, and they stick to it from level 9. Also, the neighbours want to theft the treasure from Simon.

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