A Blast of Benefits

A Blast of Benefits

Fascia is composed of a continuous layer of connective tissue, primarily collagen, formed like a band or sheet beneath the skin. In very simple terms, fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds muscles and body organs. Its purpose is to attach, make stable, encase and segregate muscles and other vital organs. Muscle fascia reduces the friction of muscle force, thus, helping in the movement of most body parts and internal structures, allowing them to slide and move through your body. It also serves to support and wrap the nerves and blood vessels as they weave through and between muscles.

Fascia is innervated by sensory nerve endings making it sensitive to pain. It is also capable of storing and releasing elastic potential energy.

Fascia can either lose rigidity or become too stiff, tight and tense resulting in pain or soreness. The balance of tension and elasticity in the fascial system allows for smoother, unrestricted movement of each muscle group as it holds everything in place. Fascial restriction leads to muscle restriction which eventually leads to pain and injury. Swelling and trauma can cause the fascia to lose some of its functions like support for the organs or failure to separate adjacent structures effectually.

Fascia may also contribute to the development of cellulite, the dimpled skin texture (like that of an orange peel) that can often be seen on the arms, thighs, hips and buttocks. This is formed when fibrous connective bands pull some parts of the skin downward. Adipose tissue (fat cells) then collect between the bands causing dimpling. According to some studies, cellulite is brought about by some weakness in the skin and connective tissue.


Since pain and dysfunction often happen secondary to tissue overload and stiffness in the myofascial chain, fascial manipulation and stimulation is an effective treatment for pain relief. This involves manual treatment, at times with the use of machines and tools, of the myofascial system to restore muscle tone and balance thus reducing stiffness. The technique loosens fascia through physical manipulation and pressure.

One method that has taken over the globe is fascia blasting. This technique makes use of a self-massage myofascial tool called FASCIABLASTER, designed by the Fasciology Guru herself, Ashley Black. It is meant to be massaged all over the body, one area at a time, to loosen up the fascia resulting in the reduction of pain and cellulite.

Millions of FASCIABLASTER users swear by the numerous benefits they have been reaping, some of which are:

  • cellulite reduction and the prevention of new cellulite formation
  • significantly firmer skin
  • markedly less muscle and joint pain
  • improved circulation as evidenced by brighter skin and less feeling of numbness in the extremities
  • better mobility

Whatever it is you are aiming for, weight and cellulite reduction, better circulation and mobility or relief from that chronic excruciating pain, give FASCIABLASTER a try. You just might thank yourself for it.