most popular design styles

How to choose a design style for the house

Nowadays there are many types of design styles, and it can be difficult to choose just one. Because of this, people mixed and selected different styles together, inventing their own style, and many of them now have real terms or names. It is funny because some styles do not seem to be together, for example, they are rustic and elegant, but people find a way to make them work! In this article, I will begin by describing some of the most popular design styles, and in the second part of the article I will suggest which ones will work best in your cottage or lodge.

Rustic: uses untreated and often unfinished elements, such as wood and stone, usually in the gray, brown or brown color palette.

Western: use drawings of horses, animals, jeans or individual stars, use leather or wood, the southwest has distinctive patterns in textiles, a different color palette, but mostly brown with touches of red, green or yellow.

Shabby Chic – using antique, antique or old pallets, in cream and pastel colors

Minimalist: modern design, but with simple but minimalist furniture, with a neutral color palette.

Modern lines, clear, clean, the use of glass or metal elements, neutral color palette

general design direction

Modern: interchangeable with modern style, but with more curved lines and smooth patterns, simple or neutral color palette

Industry: unfinished and unprocessed elements, bricks, pipes and air ducts, wood, neutral colors, but bright colors or abstract art can be exhibited.

Traditional classic details, a security lock on a tree and a fabric, a large number of accessories, a rich palette of colors

As a rule, in cabins, people tend to decorate the first three styles, but sometimes they use a minimalist approach, since the cabins are usually smaller and less furniture is always better. In general, you can mix these first two styles, rustic and western, but they are not always combined with a third elegant style. This is a completely different style. This tends to be more feminine, while the first two are more masculine. You can always include a minimalist style in any of the previous simple design, if you prefer the mentality of less mentality.

In this way, people will appreciate all their efforts to create a common style in their home. This is visually appealing and often interesting for your guests, especially if you have unique exhibits, such as elegant black bears accents or animal decorations on the walls, etc. Therefore, I hope that this article will guide you in the general design direction of your home. Even the implementation of only a few elements can create a thematic environment and give it a remarkable style.