stopping puppy biting tips

Train Your Puppy and Stop Biting

It is normal and cute when your dog nibbles and lunges on your hand and fingers. As your puppy is exposed to just other puppies in litter that play with biting and mouthing, it will make sense why they will think that even playing with will not be very different. However, when they grow and body’s gets stronger, what once were cute nibbling turns in uncomfortable or dangerous playing bites. Your puppy needs to know that he must take treats very gently from the hand and any game that involve humans do not get toothy. However, we are lucky as dogs know this already.

Training tips for puppy biting

First take a treat, just hold this in your hand & wrap over your fingers and doesn’t matter how much the dog tries and get it, paw your hand or bite your hand you must not let him to have it. That is what you are rewarding your puppy for. He has to know that he will never get the treat if he bites your hand.

An only way he will get it is completely stop doing it & back away from your hand. In this way, he will know that grabbing and biting a hand will not get him the treat. It is also the good way of giving the treat to a puppy that you have never met before. You can wrap this treat into your hand & then gently open your fingers & let your puppy have it.

As biting is one unacceptable kind of play, it is very important that you teach your puppy to play only with the toys rather than your hand or fingers. Playing is the healthy natural activity, which helps to build the strong bond between you & your puppy. So, before you teach your dog not to bite it is very important to first teach him to reduce bite pressure.

stopping puppy biting tips

When you are playing with the toys it is a same thing: your puppy’s teeth must not touch your hand. Suppose they do say gently “Ouch!” and turn away. Make sure you speak up each time he bites very hard so your dog will learn your attempt for what’s acceptable & what isn’t. After that go back & play once again but he needs to be made aware not to use teeth and be careful next time. So, these stopping puppy biting tips are really helpful if you take out time and make it possible.