What are the features of buying digital piano?

Similar to acoustic piano, digital piano too offers many other features that will help in the enhancement of playing a perfect piano. If you are a expert with the acoustic piano, then you should be sure about the choice. You should read out all the features within the system. Check about the common features of digital piano.

Additional sounds

Digital piano has extra sounds along with the normal piano sound. This will enable the player to compose various music notes in variety of styles. The digital piano includes perfection with jazz or string that is use with orchestral or even synths for pop music.


Key Split

Keys in black color are the key split. This will allow player to assign one sound to the lower half of the keyboard and another to the upper. This is the perfect combination that allows the music to use within two instruments.

Dual mode/layer

Key split is the option that includes two sounds along with dual mode along layers. This will put a sound over another with top of strings. This is the feature that helps with tuning and gets the tune of hearer taste.


This is the option to record and playback the performance for self evaluation. With this facility, you can store your performance in the piano band memory in a separate key. Digital pianos have multiple track sequencers where you can save in dual track like music in one track and the string part in another. The complex track is built up with the tracks with various arrangements.


Musical instrumental digital interface is the option found with the digital piano that has built in tools. This tool is for learning and making music to expand the possibilities. Digital piano has the option to get connected with the windows or mac computer. The MIDI opens up the space for the music education, composition and recording software to explore.

Audio playback

To play your melody over the top of piano usage, you can choose to handle the key and pay some useful playbacks. This will enable you to get in a hard key and get through the easy key transpose. This will play along fun by melody composition.

Along with these features, there are many other additional facts. Those can be seen over citylinesound and get through all the details. You will be guided through getting a perfect result.