State Parks Near Chicago

Explore the best State parks near Chicago

State parks

People who love nature must enjoy exploring the beautiful state parks in Chicago. There are the best State parks near Chicago to choose from, whether they need to rest and relax or a little adventure. The people have a mood of camping by the lake. They can even explore the parks or book a cabin to reach the state or national park. There are plenty of inspirational places around the city that people can explore.

State Parks Near Chicago

Few state parks in Chicago

Indiana dunes state park- It is a recreational area that people can improve. The park surrounds the dunes of white sand and has a beautiful lake shoreline. They offer various activities like fishing, bird watching, hiking, or swimming in the trails.

Starved rock state park – It is known for the steep canyons and sandstone formations and a beautiful natural sport for one day trips. The park is a paradise for hiking. The trails wind through the vertical walls of stone that offer a scenic view of the Illinois River. It is a peaceful paradise during the summer days. The tall cliffs have waterfall nesting.

Matthiessen state park- The deep forests, peaceful streams, canyons, and beautiful waterfalls are available at Matthiessen state park. The starved rock state park is nearby. So, visitors can visit both places in a day. They can enjoy the hiking trails with the vermillion rive and tall lake falls.

Illinois beach state park- It is the State parks near Chicago for people who want to spend their time swimming on the beach, relaxing, and sunbathing. It covers the areas with a pristine shoreline that surrounds white sands along lake Michigan. There are other options for boating and bird-watching. It is the best state park that provides a spot for unwinding and relaxing, surrounded by calm waters and dunes. They offer sports activities, like biking and hiking trails. There are camping grounds if people are planning to stay overnight.

Final thought

These are only a few state parks that are near Chicago. But people have a lot of options for state parks they can visit. They can explore the places by taking the guidance of the local people or the internet. These places have mind-blowing views and sceneries. There are animal species, parks, waterfalls, lakes, forests. And sand dunes, and much more that people can visit. These places are suitable for bikers, hikers, and horseback riders.