Internal phase short to ground

How to Avoid Faults in A Transformer

The safe use of electricity requires transformers because they help transfer electricity from one circuit to another and solve the problems of disconnecting the load without changing the frequency. There are various types of transformers available in the market, including control, three phase, isolation, reduction, rectifier, automatic and special purpose, etc. Most likely, they create an overload and branch change issue, affecting their performance. Here are some general precautions you can take to prevent this static device from malfunctioning. So please look below and protect your device from any malfunctions.

Load. One of the common problems causing various malfunctions in this static device is it carrying capacity. In most cases these electrical transformers are overloaded and as a result there may be a short circuit or fire problem which can even take the form of any serious accident. To avoid this problem, you should always install a transformer after analyzing the energy needs of your industry. Make sure the device you are buying is capable of withstanding the pressure of a heavy load and never causes grinding problems or vibrations during operation.

Internal phase short to ground

Internal malfunction: the accumulation of gases in the device is the main cause of internal malfunction, which are of two types;

  • Internal phase short to ground
  • Internal interface short circuit

To avoid any malfunctions, be sure to always use the appropriate type of transformer according to the needs of your industry and constantly inspect to avoid the problem of oil leaks.

Overvoltage: Two common over voltages occur in a transformer: one is atmospheric and the other is an overvoltage. This can affect the performance of your device and create problems in the manufacturing process. This problem can be controlled with a varistor, which in any case does not adversely affect the switches.

If you choose the right type of transformer, install it correctly at your workplace and follow all the above precautions, so this of course can help remove all barriers from your production.