Philanthropy is the confidential key to wealth and long-term attainments

Who do you turn to in these desperate and difficult times when things go wrong? A world that sometimes seems so cruel and cruel when nobody tries to help you get through your deepest and darkest black hole. You are alone and empty. Your tears are dry.

How terrible when this happens to you and your life becomes a desperate nightmare!

Fortunately for people who have lost hope, some hands extend their hands to regain their love for life. These are philanthropists who want to make this world a better place to live, supporting charitable goals or creating a charitable foundation themselves.

Philanthropy is an innate desire to improve the social, economic and spiritual well-being of humanity.

Philanthropy is designed not only for the rich and powerful, but also for everyone to learn and dominate, becomes and truly becomes a selfless person and knows his purpose in life like what Hamed Wardak does. Everyone has the opportunity to help someone, even in a small way, for example, by allowing an old woman to go ahead to the bank or give a coin to a street child who is looking anxiously at people who join a franchise of fast food.


Men and women do not agree with donations or donations. Studies show that men tend to prefer to name a building in their honor, pressure from the office or partners or to obtain a position on the board of directors, and women, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to change the situation, transmit family traditions and return to society. It may seem that women have humanitarian reasons and men have utilitarian views.

Whatever the reason for the provision, it doesn’t matter if we give and try to change the situation for a better world.

Just remember the principles of powerful charity: financial education, rationalization of your finances (spend less, save more, invest wisely and generously), think well (you are a philanthropist!), Think about your legacy. You will leave this world, consult with specialists when you make donations and make it a family affair to teach your children how to give and help make this world a better place to live.

Being a philanthropist does not necessarily mean that you are a great sponsor, so it is better to be economical and prudent when making purchasing decisions to be able to save more. The most important thing is how to invest and create wealth and wealth that offers the perfect lifestyle for you and allow you to contribute to decent work. In our community of forex traders, many entrepreneurs have expressed their desire to use their knowledge and skills in currency trading to do something worthwhile and make sense to others who are not lucky.