Learn to self-massage

From your massage Learn to self-massage

By experiencing daily pain and suffering, knowing how to massage and using self-massage techniques, you recognize one of the simplest and most effective methods available for instant healing. And as soon as you can relieve your muscle diseases, you can use your skills for others to achieve the desired relief.

It must be recognized that the human touch has powerful properties, and its effectiveness can be confirmed simply by rubbing the skin when pain is felt, and a calming sensation is felt almost immediately. The use of FasciaBlaster self-massage has many advantages, including muscle relaxation and relaxation, improving the blood circulation of the body and the digestive system. And it is important to remember that not only physical but also psychological benefits can be obtained by creating a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Areas of the body on which massage techniques should focus

The three main areas of the body on which massage techniques should focus are the arms, legs, and shoulders. Techniques for self-massage of the hands include using the palms of one hand to slide over the other, squeezing and stroking the palms and fingers, as well as pulling each finger towards the base and the tip. It is important not to omit circular movements when using the thumb on both the palm and the back of the palm.

massage techniques

Do not ignore the importance of focusing on the feet, since many cases of back pain are due to an accidental illness. Simple techniques for an independent and effective foot massage are very similar to the hands. Using the thumb to apply pressure on the soles of the feet is a good way to relax tense muscles. It is important not to miss the ankles, where the techniques of sliding up and down with the hand and pointing the movements with the thumb are useful.

With the self-massage of the shoulders, you can reduce the frequency of neck hardening, painful shoulders when movement is limited and headaches. Massage techniques include the use of caress movements around the curve of each shoulder, as well as the concentration in the area of ​​the back of the head and then ensure that this continues to the elbows. Be sure to complete this procedure by applying a caressing action on the face and the front of the neck, shoulders, and arms.

Techniques of self-massage

After having worked the techniques of self-massage, it is quite easy to use them in another person, although to have technical experience, it is important to expand your knowledge on how to massage, study and practice techniques for certain areas of the body. It is not long before you notice that you have the ability to make a positive contribution to the treatment of muscle pain and fatigue of others.