Reasons why you should be using SVG

With worldwide support across desktop and mobile, now is the time to find out the advantages of SVG graphics or SVG tools.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are image kinds that are universally supported through all desktop plus mobile browsers. The advantages of using them for the web plus app design are enormous – let us talk you over the biggest causes.

It is resolution independent plus responsive

Images can be scaled the similar way we scale all other components in responsive web design. The image looks crisp on any display, from the fine-looking ~285 ppi pixel density displays found on novel smartphones, to the ~85 ppi of standard monitors.

It is got a navigable DOM

SVG inside the browser has its specific DOM. SVG is treated as a distinct document by the browser plus then positioned inside the usual DOM of the page. This is significant for the ‘viewBox’ property, as we could draw our image on a canvas of any size, however then display it in the browser at another, all without updating the properties inside the SVG. This distinct, navigable DOM is moreover how we interrelate with elements inside SVG using CSS and JavaScript.

It is animatable

Elements inside SVG could be animated to generate some truthfully astonishing interactive experiences, otherwise, the animation could be used to add pleasant little touches to an interface, image otherwise icon. The animation could be created using CSS, the Web Animations API in Javascript otherwise using the SVG’s ‘<animate>’ tag.

It is style-able

Using class names otherwise IDs, you could style elements inside of SVG only using somewhat different properties to those we would usually use; in its place of ‘color’ we use ‘fill’, plus instead of the border we use ‘stroke’. There are some limitations to styling SVG that come from how you are using SVG on the page.

It is interactive

Using JavaScript, we could interact with elements inside of SVG tool, because of the navigable DOM. This permits us to generate interactive elements using SVG the similar way we would with HTML plus CSS.

Since SVG’s could be responsive, animated plus complex, there is no reason you should not use them for big hero images otherwise images on a blog post or other online media.