Why IT Security Audit is Important for Businesses?

The development of the Internet and the interconnection of networks and devices within the company reinforce IT risks, both internal and external.To ensure their data integrity and information capital, companies must understand their vulnerabilities and protection and it security audit singapore is adapted to their operation and information system.

What is an IT security audit?

The IT security audit makes it possible to know the overall security of its information system and review the policy of access to company data and the various network configurations.

It guarantees the availability of the information system, the integrity of its data, the confidentiality of access and provides evidence that makes it possible to know who is accessing, at what time, such or such data or application.

IT Security Audit in Singapore relies on a security expert’s know-how to analyze and verify that each rule associated with the company’s security policy is correctly applied (networks, architecture, systems, cryptography, etc.).

How IT Consultants Can Help You?

IT consultants carry out technical and organizational audits concerning their internal standards and state of art. Their mission is to help the customers easily understand security concepts while allowing them to obtain an authentic and representative image of their current security level. This service essentially covers the procedures put in place internally concerning information system security.

Final Words

Carried out mainly around an organizational axis through interviews with stakeholders managing the IS but also focused on reviewing the configurations of the key elements of applications and network equipment, the security audit can also be technical on an element or a specific perimeter.