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Used Cars Certified Pre Owned Car Dealers

A used car is a vehicle that has been previously driven, but has been inspected by the previous owner and can be sold without fear of being involved in an accident. It is known as a “pre-owned” car. used cars in glendale are often cheaper than new cars and they have lower depreciation rates than new cars because they’re typically less expensive.

Used Cars Certified Pre Owned Car Dealers – What you need to know!

The main differences between these services are the warranties offered, part replacement service, and guarantees on the used car dealerships’ quality of workmanship. While some may include extended warranties through their company or through third party providers, this should be sought out before buying a used car.

Used Cars Certified Pre Owned Car Dealers – General overview

used cars in glendale

Used cars certified by the underwriters are given an estimated value. The value of the car can be established by witnesses that have seen the car at a recent time. A vehicle’s estimated value will be assessed by an independent appraiser, who will either raise or lower the vehicle’s value. The amount of money put into repairs is then deducted from the vehicle’s price and is usually roughly half of the car’s sticker price. For example, if your used car has $2000 worth of damage and you saved up to $1500 for it, you will get your vehicle back with $1500 in repairs. As this is an estimated value, it is not guaranteed. If the damage is more than what you had saved up for or the appraiser does not give a fair market value for your automobile, you are out of luck. While there are no guarantees, your vehicle will be repaired to its previous condition or better.

Used Cars Certified Pre Owned Car Dealers – Warranty on used car dealerships’ service

Every independent appraiser has their own specialties and they can choose to repair your used car themselves or subcontract out the repairs. The price that you pay for the appraisal of your car can vary depending on how many friends you have and how much money you put into repairs before the appraisal.