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Used car vs New car – Which is wise investment?

If you are planning to buy a car then you may get confused between buying a new car or used car. Used car means a car which has been used by someone else and it is second hand or it is stolen. So, which one is wise investment? This is a great question.

New car or Used car?

The first impression is that people feel that used car is good than new car. Why people think that used car is good? This is because used car has low price than new car. And it is the basic reason that people buy used car.

But in reality, buying used car is not a wise investment, because used car has lots of problems that you need to know. But when you buy new car, used cars in huntsville al there are many problems that you have to deal with it. And also used car is in bad condition so that you have to pay more to maintain it.

Pros of Used car vs New car

used cars in huntsville al

1) Less Money

The first advantage of used car is that it is less expensive than new car. Because used car has less price. It means you save more money by buying used car than new car.

In addition, you can save up to $1500 by buying a new car and you can save a lot more money by buying used car. So, if you are looking for a cheap car then you can buy used car for you need not worry about its condition.

2) Relatively More Efficient

New car is always less efficient than used car. But the situation is not the same for all cars. Some cars are more efficient than new car, but some are less efficient than used car.

When you buy new car, you need to pay more for maintenance. So, the good thing of buying a used car is that you don’t have to pay more money for maintenance. In addition, you can save up to $100 per year on gas when you buy used car.

3) Can be Discarded and Recycled

Some of the new cars are manufactured from plastic and they have toxic materials inside the body and the body is toxic material too. So, used cars in huntsville al the plastic and the body are not good for the environment.

When it comes to used car, the body is not good and not toxic. In addition, the plastic of the body is recycled after use so that you can save the environment. So, used car is better than new car when it comes to recycling the body.