Ronn Torossian

Why Public Relations Is Important For Your Online Business?

Currently there is a significant move from the traditional marketing to integrated marketing approach. Being an important feature of the integrated marketing communication, PR or known as Public Relations allows businesses and brand to reinforce their marketing message in an authentic way. PR is the most powerful management option for the brands to attain their business goals and improve their presence and image online.

But, PR and publicity is underutilized and often neglected as business are not sure what PR is or what it will do. In this post, Ronn Torossian will help you understand importance of PR marketing in your business and how it will reap huge benefits for you and your business.

PR much more than only promoting your online business

This strategized messaging isn’t only about promotion, but going in a right direction with help of storytelling, and creating better awareness. But make sure story you tell should feel organic and authentic, qualities you don’t get with advertising. The 5WPR founder promotes the brand by using fresh editorial content in newspapers, magazines, blogs and news channels … and getting 3rd party validation, and trust of his audience.

Positive business image

Ronn Torossian

After Public Relation creates awareness, this team will start working to shape the positive brand image where this matters the most. Several benefits of public relation talk about the image creation & maintaining the healthy brand reputation, it is because image contributes to company’s market position & overall status.

Improved media relations

Benefit of PR in marketing is it builds strong connections & relationships with the media agents. Publicists and journalists who share same values and are focused on the industry, might be open to engaging with you while you present it with newsworthy and frequent content. In public relation, priority is maintaining right dynamics with the media agents that prioritize your content above your competitors.

Offer better value

PR will offer unique touch point & add value to the product offering, which will help to differentiate your brand among the competitors and also put you at a forefront of your niche. Besides PR will add better value by increasing visibility of the products or services, personalize the brand, increase your profile, make strong relationships, manage reputation, help with the sales process as well as add value through various case studies. Thus, it will be the win-win situation.

One last thing to know is you must not expect quick results, but professionally designed your strategy. And it comes only with time, by using long-term and detail-oriented method.