2D mammogram in Paterson, NJ

2D Mammogram In Paterson, NJ: An Easy Way To Detect Breast Cancer

While the x-ray is said to be the epitome of human medical history, a full-body x-ray can still be inconsistent since it only shows the irregularities in one’s body and can miss other major detections. Thus, different types of x-rays developed for specialised regions or organs were developed for safer and more accurate results. One such type of x-ray is the 2D mammogram in Paterson, NJ.

A mammogram is an x-ray that helps detect irregularities in the breast region, which includes cancer cells, tumours and other irregularities that can be hard to detect otherwise. Those having issues with nursing their children during breastfeeding can also get this x-ray to see what is the underlying issue with their body.

Is the procedure of a mammogram painful?

The answer to this question depends from person to person as it can be uncomfortable in general but painful in some selected cases where the patient is either going through periods and is sensitive around the area or feels a high level of discomfort to transform into borderline painful. However, since the procedure itself is quite short, the discomfort would not last forever. Thus, if one feels this way during the x-ray then they should let their doctors performing the procedure know and adjust for the while as best as they can.

How to prepare for a mammogram?

While there are no specific requirements to prepare for this type of x-ray, one can detain from eating anything for roughly four hours before the procedure for the best results. Furthermore, one is advised to not wear any kinds of perfume or powder before the procedure and preferably wear a top or anything that can be removed waist-up for the scan.

Moreover, one is advised to let their doctor know if they are pregnant beforehand and if they have taken any medications within the four hours before the procedure. Most are suggested to not go through a mammogram procedure during or a week before their period to avoid pain or additional discomfort during the procedure due to sensitive breasts.


In the end, a mammogram is an important procedure to detect any possible breast cancer cells or lumps in one’s body. However, since the procedure itself may be uncomfortable to many due to the nature of the procedure, it is highly advised to discuss thoroughly with the doctor your concerns and other requirements before taking the x-ray.