Types Of Extraction Processes Used In CBD Wax Production

For someone who is already used to taking CBD products, however, they may come, you already know that many manufacturers are starting to get more innovative in their designs and productions which brings us to CBD wax.

We would be discussing, in this article, what CBD is all about. Are you looking into trying another type of CBD product? We shall explain further as you read along.

No one can deny the fact that the CBD market is booming and many are turning towards its use more than ever. Perhaps because of its psychoactive effects, and because of its effects on the central nervous system, some health practitioners have employed its use in managing some chronic conditions, especially those that cause a lot of pain to the patients, eg., cancer.

The use of CBD and cannabidiol has become vast and even among geriatric patients to teenagers. It has proved to be beneficial to them in more ways than one.

Different forms of CBD can be beneficial according to the user’s preference. We shall be discussing one of these forms.

What is CBD wax?

This is a highly concentrated form of CBD product, and this is due to its potency. This product allows you to take very high levels of CBD while taking in less volume meaning you do not need so much CBD to get the results you’re looking for or hoping for.

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How is it made?

This way can be made using different extraction processes. It is made by blasting the plant material with a solvent in a closed-loop extraction system. The most common methods would be discussed below.

  • Butane Hash-oil extraction. The extraction process issues butane to pull out the essential oils im the cannabis plant. The soils include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Then it is left to evaporate and the result gotten is that of a highly concentrated substance. This method, however, comes with its flaws, aside from the risk of explosion, there could be a remnant of butane in the final product and if left in is quite toxic to human health.
  • CO2 extraction. Tjisnmethose has become one of the most preferred methods in that it uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull out cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The high pressure and heat are used to turn the CO2 supercritical which simultaneously is like a liquid and gaseous product, hence the name supercritical. It is more preferred in that unlike butane extraction where butane does not easily leave the product, the CO2 would just evaporate.


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