hail damage repair lakewood co

Get rid of the frustrating hail damage to the vehicle

The hail damage to the car is a kind of risk that is considered to be totaled. It will result in a total loss of the designation and it will also lead to a huge loss of huge amount. There are varied types of repairs for hail damage to the car. It may affect the resale value of the car so it would be best to approach the hail damage repair lakewood co which is an expert in repairing this kind of damage.

Types of hail damage repair:

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR): This is one of the most popular methods for repairing hail damage. This technique involves using special tools to massage the dents out from the backside of the panel. It’s a quick and affordable option for small to medium-sized dents, and it doesn’t require any repainting of the damaged area.

Traditional Dent Repair: it main requires specialized process where the technicians do the massage of the dented panels to bring back to the normal shape and then repainting the damaged area. This method is best for larger dents that are too deep for PDR.

Paint Touch-Up: For minor hail damage, the customer may only need a paint touch-up. This involves touching up any scratches or small chips in the paint with a matching paint color.

Glass Replacement: Hail can cause cracks or breakage in the car’s windows. In this case, the damaged glass will need to be replaced. This process involves removing the old glass and installing a new one.

Paintless Scratch Repair: Hail can also cause scratches in the paint of the car. For minor scratches, a paintless scratch repair can be an effective option. This technique involves using a special compound to remove the scratch without the need for repainting.

Repainting: For more severe hail damage, the car may need to be repainted entirely. This process involves sanding down the damaged area, applying a primer, and then repainting the panel with a matching paint color.

Hail damage can be a frustrating and costly problem for car owners. However, there are various types of hail damage repair options available which can be availed, depending on the severity of the damage. Whether the customer needs PDR, traditional dent repair, paint touch-up, glass replacement, paintless scratch repair, or repainting, it’s important to have a professional assess the damage and recommend the best repair option for the car.