Gold Simulator Works

How the Gold Simulator Works

The golf simulator is the best tool to practice golf at home. If you hope to be as famous as Tiger Wood or Dustin Johnson in the future, then you should put more effort into home practice, and it can take you places. You only need the right tool, which is none other than the golf simulator.

Aside from making you a top class golf player, the tool will equally help you to practice golf at home.  Consequently, you will never need to labor through traffic or bother about bad weather. Training at the golf course may not give you access to the right course or the right time to practice. You will not be bothered about that when you practice at home using the golf simulator.

How it works

The golf simulator can be used indoors.  It is built using advanced technology to teach you how to play golf perfectly. It is installed with predefined classes, and you will have access to opinions from experts that will teach you how to play perfectly.  You can view the lessons on a home screen, and they are easy to follow.

golf simulator

Aside from availing you the opportunity to practice golf at home, the golf simulators equally affordable it is a state-of-the-art golf simulator with a difference. It can check all the statistics regarding your practice so that you can improve on your games and performances. Some of the parameters you will be informed about when you practice golf using the simulator are:

  • Spin rate
  • Carry distance
  • Club path
  • Swing speed
  • And so on

As a result, you can become an expert without having a human trainer since the golf simulator can take the place of a human trainer. You can also practice alone or bring a couple of friends to practice with you.  You can practice on your driving range and others.  You will have access to over 100000 courses in the golf simulator.

The various prices   

Golf simulator price depends on the type and brand you buy.  The prices range from $499 to $65,000!  The optishot golf simulator is the cheapest, while the Pro Ranges go for $999.  The price of the Sky Track starts at $2052.24.

The TGC 2017, on the other hand, starts from $2,810.  You will have to fork out a minimum of $5450 for the ES16 Tour, while the Xi+ starts from $6,795.  The Visa 8 is yet another brand of golf simulator and starts from $9495. The Full swing golf simulator is the most expensive brand and its price ranges from $45,000 to $65,000; this brand comes with 80 courses.