How to detect faults in the oil pressure gauge?

Save your vehicle from damage. This sensor is sometimes clogged by an engine with poor maintenance. A clogged sensor sends a false reading of low pressure; however, we should not assume that the sensor is clogged, the oil level should be checked or if there is leakage, so review the oil pressure gauge.

oil pressure gauge

The oil level is not a sign of damage to the pressure sensor. This is only due to a problem at the time of suction or the oil pump, if the pump receives a small amount, below the level of the tank, but is sufficient to lubricate properly, it will not activate the sensor. The most common situation in which the low level ignites the warning light is when there is an unknown leak in the system; the suction is imperfect in the adviser’s plug or in the filter, which can be presented by stones or debris on the way.

Procedure for measuring the engine oil pressure

To measure the engine oil pressure, follow the following procedure:

  • Remove the oil pressure sensor from the cylinder block
  • Install the oil pressure gauge, in place of the switch
  • Start the car engine and heat up to the normal operating temperature
  • Accelerate the engine until 2000 rpm and then take the engine oil pressure reading “Engine oil pressure (2000RPM): (35.5 – 42.6) PSI”
  • After taking the reading, it is necessary to install the oil pressure switch / switch by adding the Teflon tape to turn on and adjust a torque of 12-16 N.m
  • Start the engine again and check that there is no oil leakage through the installed oil pressure switch.

Consequences of a low pressure

This is an oil pressure sensor; some vehicles leak through the oil pressure sensor, operating a motor at low pressure can cause engine damage. Low pressure can also come from clogged filters, filter bypass valves open, impurities in the oil, temporary partial loss of the priming of the oil pump. A constant pressure in the oil pressure during a long period of engine operation may be an indication of worn bearings or excessive wear of the oil pump.

So if you are thinking of keeping your vehicle running, keep in mind the revision of your oil pressure gauge, you’ll save not just your engine, also you’ll help your car live more and better.