Penetration testing tool

Penetration testing tool and the types of tests available in it

Would you have any idea about penetration testing tool? This article would aid you to get the clear idea about it and thereby the professionals can understand the major reason to implement this testing tool in an organization.

Penetration testing also termed as pen testing would be commonly used by the computer security experts in order to detect and thereby takes the advantage of security vulnerabilities in computer application. Originally these experts would be termed as the white hat hackers, facilitate this by simulating the real world attacks by using the criminal hackers, who are also known as black hat hackers.

Are you the one who wished to find the right place to seek penetrating too, here comes the option. The link would take you to find huge lists of penetration testing tools. It is better to location many software applications used to check with the network security threats. Each application on the list would provide unique benefits. Easy comparison between the tools would help the users to determine whether the software is the right choice for the business.

When it comes to the tests available in the testing tool software, there are various types available in it. Here are some brief explanations about the tests available in the testing tools.

testing tool software

White box test:

This is the best in which organization can provide the penetration testers with huge variety of security information related to the system. This test is available to help the organization to find better vulnerabilities.

Blind tests:

This is also known as black box test would provide penetration tester with no security information regarding the system of being penetrate. This test will lead to expose vulnerabilities that would not be detected.

External tests:

This test has been performed in order to find the vulnerabilities remotely. Due to its nature, the tests are usually performed on the external facing applications like websites.

Internal tests:

This test would be performed within the organization premise. This test will completely focus on the security vulnerabilities, which someone works from within the organization.

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