Get More Comment On Instagram Posts

Tips To Get More Comment On Instagram Posts

You can purchase fake likes for your Instagram posts as there are many service providers who use Instagram bots to provide such fake likes. But in today’s world, everyone is aware of the fact that fake likes can be bought and therefore, they ignore the posts that have hundreds of likes but almost no comments. Therefore, it is important to have likes as well as comments to have more genuine engagement and get featured on explore page. The followings are the tips you have to keep in mind to get comments on Instagram posts like never before.

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Organize A Contest – Giveaways and interesting contests are one of the best ways to get people to comment on your posts and make them viral. Keep the rule in such a way that users have to make a unique and relevant comment with the use of certain popular hashtags so that you keep trending on such hashtags as well.

Thought Provoking Content – It has been observed that thought-provoking contents get commend on Instagram. It can be on a trending topic, something sensational, addressing the problems people face, something bold and likewise.

Sensational Photos and Intriguing Videos – Bold photo shoot, intimate personal photos or something unique like infographics, stat-based photos, memes, or outstanding photography posts driving more comments as users think that your post deserves a bashing or compliment. The basic idea about an Instagram post is that you have to do something extreme either positive or negative to get engagement.

Instagram Takeover – Instagram takeover has become a popular service whereby Instagram social influencers takeover your Instagram profile for a day and keep posting from your account among their followers to get more comments and engagement. It is a fun way and followers of the influencers enjoy it a lot.

Instagram Pods – But the easiest way to get comments on Instagram is by becoming a member of Instagram pods. Instagram pods are groups where people exchange comments and likes and even follows. Therefore, your engagement and profile will grow organically and exponentially. There are popular platforms like WolfGlobal where there are over 50 Instagram pods to join. Each of these pods has thousands of active Instagram users including influencers who are ready to leave relevant comments on your post if you agree to leave a comment on theirs too. The membership is free and you can use your leisure time to avail this exchange service through their apps.