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To new families, lice can be a big concern. They’re in charge of curing the overgrowth and securing free childcare while it’s being treated because lice should be removed before students attend school. The process can take much longer when over medicines fail. It can be not very pleasant. The Lice Place, and on the other hand, can help to ease any of the pain. Lice Place has been the only lice removal company founded and managed by a healthcare professional in the United States.

We serve all children and adults in individual rooms by using the Warner Process of removal and combing. Herbicides and toxins are unnecessary. We also don’t need our family to help us finish the projects we begin. Only with one preservative treatment, The Lice Place may efficiently and safely cure your community of head lice. We do provide information and help on how to protect youngsters and other members of your family from repeating problems. We aim to keep family lice-free now and in the future.

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lice doctors Montgomery

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